So what is Procrastination….Procrastination is when you do not do the Task; that has been giving to You, if it Work Related,Home Related,School Related, Religion Related, Relationship Related, Life Related, Culture Related, Believe Related Anything that has been Granted to You as Fully Responsible (ex.Your Whole Being Life) to be Responsible for and to Look After by Completing the Given Task!

You can even procrastinate yourself in the sense of not looking after Your Spirit, Your Health on a Daily Occasion; not Resolving an Relationship issue in an mature way or at all thinking that person isn’t a person or don’t have feeling also !Do you know its Past Past Failures do you just Give up on Someone after one try to make Peace Are You Trying to make Peace or you Doing Making Peace!

You Can Read a Book Covers Title, Does it Mean You Know What the Story is About of the Book or The Thesis Behind It ………. you see with my Explanation Procrastination Comes in Many Forms and we don’t even know it!…………

You see Procrastination can also Causes you Stress when Unfinished Task Piles up that you ignored and left until last to get done or not done at all , What also Happens is When You Procrastination Until the Last Minute with an School Test and You Past the Test You Causing Yourself  to Stay in that Rut of Procrastination!


Origin of word Procrastination

Procrastination comes from Latin Meaning to put off till later or forward to tomorrow!

You see Being Procrastinating can Cost Your Tomorrow; you see you can Forget About It then when you need it in the future it’s not ready like a person can past away, only to find his soul isn’t going to be saved; because of Ignorance Life and Spitefulness in His Hers Regard to Purposeless Life and  Spiritual Life only to be alone in existence without God!


Different Types Of Procrastination

Behavioral Procrastination

Is when you busy with activities sidetracking handing capping yourself and didn’t do your school project and then want to shift the blame on everything and making excuses why you didn’t do it or why it didn’t happened for you !

It’s understandable that a person can have to much to do; that is why you then need to check what is the really important to your school grades that requires your full attention and work on that only!


Indecisive Procrastination

Is when you Take Your Time in Making Decisions about how you want your Adult Life Really Want to look like like making an career choice and taking your time in doing so!

It’s Good to do Your Own Home Work; Since it’s Your Whole Future That Lays in Front of You! You see that is why it’s important to Know your self what you like and do not like.

It also will help to follow your heart when you done your research in your desired career you chosen for your self and to see if it will fit you as person!It’s difficult to change your career on a later stage of your life.


Anxious procrastination

When an task is new to a person that a person do not know anything about you will become anxious in starting the given task and will not know where to start and what needs to be done to have this task completed!

What you’ll need to do is study the school project topic before starting with the school project!


Fun Procrastination

Is when you do Something Fun and then Move on to the Next Fun Thing!This Behavior can have Devious Consequences because you will not doing anything at all that can also put your Health and Future at Risk! Say you smoke and smoke it will affect you Health and You Get Heart Attack at Young Age You Can Die or Have Memory Loss.


“Ample time” Procrastination

Is When You Leave Your Responsibilities for The Last Minute; Week Before Needing to Hand in Your Project For School!

To Leave things for Last Minute, Can Cost Your Future, what if the Project is for Final Exams You Do Not Pass You Will Need To Do the Year Over or Think People Will Be Interested And Hang  Around Forever Not Taking People Serious When they are in your Life and Not Appreciate Them For Who They Are And Can Mean To You in The Long Run!


Perfectionist Procrastination

This Happens when you Waste Time on Something you Already Completed and Wants to Keep Improving it Over and Over and Can’t find to make it Work for you to your Liking!

It’s Good to Accomplish Something but to Keep Rehearsing is stressful and a waste of time!


 How to Stop Procrastination

Take one task and finish it!


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Werner Coetzee